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Calibrite ColorChecker Display

Skjermkalibrator med programvare for å kalibrere og profilere stasjonære skjermer, bærbare datamaskine, mobile enheter og prosjektorer. Den medfølgende programvaren hjelper deg gjennom prosessen for å oppnå riktige farger og riktig lysstyrke på skjermen. Med kalibrert monitor får du langt færre overraskelser når et bilde sendes til print.

Calibrite ColorChecker Display erstatter X-Rite i1Display Studio. Produktene er identiske, men med nytt navn.

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Advanced display calibration for enthusiast and professional photographers looking for a convenient, easy and affordable solution

For Creative Perfectionists who desire professional quality coupled with an easy, wizard-driven interface, the Calibrite ColorChecker Display powered by X-Rite offers everything you need to get a brilliantly calibrated monitor, laptop or projector. When all the devices in your workflow are profiled, you can focus on being more creative rather than wondering why the color in your images doesn’t match your final output.

For Color Perfectionists seeking simplicity, the ColorChecker Display delivers incredibly consistent color with zero stress, letting you stay more focused on doing what you love.

The color across all your digital display devices (desktop monitors, laptop and projector) will vary device to device and will even change over time. The brightness and stability of your monitor and your working environments all are factors when working with color. When you calibrate your displays to create a color profile, you will eliminate countless frustrating hours trying to figure out why your images don’t match across devices or why the image you sent out to a lab or printed yourself doesn’t match the image you spent hours perfecting.

The ColorChecker Display from Calibrite is the Color Perfectionists choice for easily profiling all your display devices and getting consistent color across your favourite creative software applications.

The ColorChecker Display includes a ccColorimeter and ccStudio software powered by X-Rite. The wizard-driven interface of the software walks you through the entire process and then reminds you when it’s time to re-profile your displays to maintain consistency. If only life was always this easy.